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We are a creative and innovative web development agency based in Leicester, UK.

Webvice is managed by a team who live and breathe the web, we know what works and what does not. We care about web standards and good design.

Webvice was founded in 2014 by Sanket Patel, who has 8+ years of experience in the software development industry with a view to help businesses to promote their products on the web but in 2.5 years we have come a long way.

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Our clients stays in the loop throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC).

At webvice, we believe that developing websites in collaboration with our clients is very important. So, if you choose us as your tech partner you will be involved from start to finish of a project.

Our clients gets the best engineers working on their project as per the skillset required for a project.

At webvice, we believe that every successful project require experts with specific skillset. Webvice is made up of experts who has a lot of experience in the software development industry.

19 May

Sanket Patel, the founder of webvice who worked as a freelance web developer since 2009 had an idea of starting his own software development company to provide better solutions.

13 December

Sanket Patel was talking to one of his client Don Steele (CEO of Steeleworks and few other businesses ) and was inspired

25 February

Webvice was officialy born on this day, a very proud moment for us.

1 March

Webvice started trading officially from this day and we have come a long way since then.

30 June

We worked with our very first client RPA Design on various projects.

30 December

We worked with various other clients since RPA.

9 April

We have started a new stream of service by partnering up with our very first start up "Staffably" and we are very excited to convert their idea into a successful reality.

Our Clients trust us, and vice versa


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