Website / Web Application / Mobile Application, may be you thinking about having your first one made or may be you just need a new better one. In any case you should atleast know some of the basics of the website / web application / mobile application development.

How we work

This is how we build an application by following this 7 stage application development process


First step is always about the information gathering, identifying things like application purpose, goals and target audience.


Planning includes the application flow, structure and the technologies that we are going to use to build the application. We also make a technical document which includes the scope, flow, milestones and proposed technology.


Not only do we focus on wireframe modeling and visual style in this stage but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience. All our applications are responsive (device friendly).


A very important part of the process is choosing the right text, photos or videos for the application and optimize not only for your visitors but also for Search engines.


Here we actually create the application using the right set of technology that was agreed in the planning stage.


We test all the technical features like functionality, code and scripts, compatibility with the major browsers but also we ask ourselves "If the application really fulfills its purpose".


After we deploy the application our job is definitely not done yet, we always monitor whats happening after the start enabling us to fix any possible deficiency. And if you want we can also manage the future maintenance and updates for you.

As you have just read above software development is a very complex process but we believe this is how a software should be built and our clients agree. If you share our passion for a high quality website / web application / mobile application, lets get in touch for a no obligation consultancy or if you already have some idea about the project please share with us